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AASharks.com is a Site Dedicated to Sharks.

As of December 2012 AAsharks.com is now run as a Test site for our main shark website
OMG Sharks
After a few years of gathering Information etc. for AAsharks ( All About Sharks ) we felt that we needed to have an entirely new name as we could not gather information as fast as we wanted and did not have a proper design thus making it look
under construction for too long.

OMG Sharks.com is LIVE as of Dec.2012 with Types of Sharks ,
Shark Movies , Shark Chat Forum and MUCH, MUCH More!

Sharks over the Years have had a bad rap for being blood thirsty creatures that will attack and kill anything in their path. Movies like Jaws and Shark Attack are big contributors to this. However , with a little research you will find out that Sharks are not what most people might think. Shark attacks that occur are for the most part a mistaken identity by the shark ... it thinks you are a seal or one of its natural prey. If a shark is teased it will become aggressive and may attack. Its been shown that when people are at the beach swimming , there are sharks around ... but the fact is they just don't care. If they were these blood thirsty creatures there made out to be , there would be fatal attacks every day. Sharks are one of the most Interesting creatures on this planet.


Throughout this site you will find lots of Interesting Sections including a " Types of Sharks " section which gives information for all types of sharks including popular sharks like the Great White shark , Tiger shark , Hammerhead sharks , Whale shark , Mako shark , Bull shark and more. We currently have info on 70 different types of shark species, with more being added all the time. Also find sections on pictures of sharks , shark books ,  shark clothing , shark jewellery including shark tooth necklaces and earrings etc, shark movies , shark posters , shark photos , shark toys and tons more.

Shark Cage Diving is another Great Section. Diving with Great White Sharks is the Ultimate Experience. Being Face to Face with the Biggest and baddest Shark on the planet is an Awesome feeling. also the is shark diving with less dangerous sharks, like reef sharks and hammerheads.


There's a section for shark facts that I think everyone should take a look at as it has a lot of very interesting facts about sharks that most people probably don't know and for those of you who have any Questions , comments etc about sharks , we have a shark chat forum. that will be open soon - www.aasharks.com




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